Your Custom CryptoGPT

Provide a safer & better community experience with a custom chatbot that provides reliable answers & live blockchain data.

🤖 Discord Bot

Make your bot answer questions in Discord - saving your contributors valuable time.

💻 Webpage Embed

Add the bot directly to your webpage with a few lines of HTML to provide great customer service.

📊 Data Sources

Train your custom AI chatbot on your Gitbook, Medium and Youtube videos to give it context about your project.

⛓️ Live Blockchain Data

Give the AI chatbot access to live blockchain data via JSON APIs.

🧐 Analytics

Know what questions your users are asking.

💳 Included AI Queries

No need to bring a separate API key. Your subscription includes thousands of queries.




one-time training



Discord Bot

Training on Gitbook

Includes 1.000 Queries

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one-time training



Discord Bot

Chatbot Embed For Your Webpage

Training on Gitbook, Medium,

Youtube, JSON API Calls

Monthly Analytics

Includes 4.000 Queries

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